Business Philosophy

From the beginning and throughout its history, the philosophy of this corporation and its principal and founder, Brad Good, has been “to insure that the services provided to both our customers and our manufacturer clients continue to be of consistently high quality regardless of changing economic and market conditions.”

SERVICE to our customer base and our clients is our watchword. Our customers are confident that when they call with their questions and their problems they will be answered and solved to their satisfaction in a timely and effective fashion. Our clients are confident that we will consistently represent their interests in the marketplace with aggressive sales activity, objective market feedback, and constructive product input.

FOCUSED is the word that best describes the manner in which Coastar approaches each business day.  We know what our clients and our customers need, and each day we strive to remain focused on both of their individual goals.  We believe that assisting both our clients and our customers to succeed…”is the path by which we will ultimately realize our own personal growth and success.”

RESPONSIVENESS is one of the most important ways we measure our success at Coastar. Regardless of our work load with boat shows or territory travel or on-site seminars, you will never hear, “let me get back to you when I’m back at the office,” when you need our input or assistance. All of our representatives possess state-of-the-art, roving-office communication technology so that we’re “always” available to serve your needs.  You will never have to communicate your needs through a secretary or third party answering service, although, we may ask you to send us an email summary to assist with documentation and communication. Generally, as long as we are within reliable cell phone coverage, your issues will be addressed as quickly as the technology allows. In most cases, you’ll have an answer within the next hour or, worst case, the next day depending on the responding party or the timing and complexity of the request.

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Manufacturers Representatives

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